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FMCDH-H90 Heavy Disc Harrows

$2,999.99 USD

Wolverine disc harrows are made by strong frame tubing, reinforced metal gangs, high strength castings, and heavy-duty sealed bearing to rip the soils for planting easily, qualified heat-treated disc blades for the long and lasting time under application. Front and rear reinforced gang is adjustable for different angles. Category 1 and or 2 quick hitch hookup is available. Durable, corrosion-resistant powder coat finished is standard.
NOTE: Know your tractor’s capabilities before using this equipment. Never exceed the manufacturer’s recommended equipment handling capabilities when using 3-Point Equipment.
FIMIC Disc Harrows Specifications
Model Number
3-Point Hitch Type
CAT. 1, Fits Quick Hitch
Horse Power Rating
40-100 HP
Cultivation Width
Hight 42"
Disc Blade Dia.
No. of Disc Blade
Disc Blade Types
Disc Blade Spacing
Bearing Hanger
1/2" Plate, 2 each 5/8" u-bolts
Bearing Type, 2 per gang
1-1/8" Square Bore
Disc Angle/ Front

Front Gang: 0,7,14 & 21 degrees with angling adjustment handle.

Disc Angle/ Rear

Rear Gang: 7,14 & 21 degrees with angling adjustment handle. 

Frame Tube 3" Square
Gang Tube
4" x 3"
Gang Axle
1-1/8" Square High Carbon Steel
Weight/lbs 964
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