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Wolverine Multi-Spindle Rotary Cutter 10′ (Pull Model, FMCRC-P10)

$6,999.99 USD

When you require to be a weekend farmer or professional commercial rotary cutter for the maintenance of green areas or the management of vegetation you should look no further than Wolverine. With the most extensive range of rotary cutter in its market sector and a heritage and reputation built on providing professional solutions; Wolverine really is the first choice for all of your Rotary mowing needs. Encompassing a selection of working widths between 5ft and 10ft across eight models there is sure to be a machine to suit your requirements. Acclaimed as brand-new name and a specialist provider of rotary mowing equipment, Wolverine is the professional choice for Agricultural, Horticultural, Municipal applications.
NOTE: Know your tractor’s capabilities before using this equipment. Never exceed the manufacturer’s recommended equipment handling capabilities when using 3-Point Equipment.
FIMIC Rotary Cutter Specifications & Capacities
Model Number
Cutting Width
Overall Width
Overall Length
Deck Height
Cutting Height
1-1/2" ~ 11-1/2"
Cutting Capacity
2" Diameter
Recommended Tractor PTO HP
50-90 HP
PTO Speed
540 RPM
Gearbox (2)(75PRC71146-1N)
1:1.46 (20 spline input)
Gearbox (75PRC500100) 1:1       (20 spline input)
Gearbox Oil Lubricant 8 Pints of EP 80-90W Oil
Deck Material Thickness (.134")
Side Skirt Material Thickness (.234")
Deck Construction
All Welded Deck
Skid Construction
All Length Welded On
Stump Jumper
Round Pan 10 Ga. x 20" with blade holder bar, 13-1/2 blade holder center to center
Blade x(2)
Blade with 3" Offset 1/2" x 3-1/2" x 22-1/2"
Blade x(2) Left-Blade with 3" Offset 1/2" x 3-1/2" x 22-1/2"
Blade Bolts Square shoulder with flange Nuts
Blade Tip Speed 14,433 FPM
Driveline #6 Series CV end Slip Clutch Connecting 
Tailwheel 6" x 9" x 21" Laminated Tire with 5bolits bearing Hub
Front/ Rear Guard (Optional) Optional: Chain Guard
Weight/lbs 1654
Due to the size and/or weight of this product, it must be shipped via Motor Freight Truck only. Someone must be present for delivery. Please contact us for shipping charge details.