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50PRC51147 GEARBOX, 1:1.47, SHEARPIN

$249.99 USD

RC51147 GEARBOX / 1:1.47 / SHEAR PIN
*Horsepower: 75
*For 4 ft., 5 ft., and 6 ft. rotary cutters
*Outside rotation: clockwise or counterclockwise with no modifications
*Comes with the castellated nut and the carrier hub for the stump jumper (Optional)
*Housing construction: Ductile iron
*Smooth input shaft: 1-3/8 in.
*Gear ratio: 1:1.47
*Gear type: Bevel gear
*Bolt pattern: (4) 5/8" diameter holes on a 6-3/4 in. bolt circle, 1-3/8" smooth input with 1/2" shear pinhole and circlip groove to Retain PTO
*Shaft, 1.97" X 15 tapered spline output shaft
*Input shaft center to base flange 6.44"
*Shipped dry, please add 16OZ 80-90W gear lube before using
*Weight: 62.70 lbs
Ship via UPS.